New Gas Station Ban

The future is renewable electric – it’s time to stop investing in polluting oil and gas infrastructure. That’s why Sonoma Group supports a County-wide ban on building new gas stations and on expanding existing stations.

Decision makers: Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Take action by joining a local group:


From CONGAS: On Monday, September 13, 2021 the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority voted unanimously to adopt a Resolution supporting all Sonoma County local governments in passing ordinances prohibiting the construction of new gasoline stations in the respective jurisdictions. Now it’s time for all the cities ands the county to follow Petaluma’s lead and get the job done!

CONGAS (Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations) was first activated by a proposal for a sixteen pump ARCO station, car wash and store in open space west of Cotati. That project was withdrawn by the applicant after opposition; CONGAS is now asking for a County-wide moratorium on new gas stations which Sonoma Group supports.

No Gas Here – Petaluma
A new Safeway gas station in Petaluma (corner of Maria Drive & South McDowell) was permitted in early 2019. The site is next to McDowell Elementary School which would expose children to exhaust fumes from idling cars and benzene in fuel vapor.

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