Chapter, State Club Declare Climate Emergency

Redwood Chapter

On February 9 Sierra Club California followed the lead of Redwood Chapter and other chapters and groups across the state in declaring a climate emergency.

“There’s no time to waste,” said Chapter Climate Committee Chair Randal MacDonald. “Climate change is happening faster, and its impacts are more severe, than scientists had projected.”

The climate emergency declaration is meant to accelerate efforts to build partnerships with other organizations and implement new programs and goals to draw down greenhouse gas emissions, increase natural carbon storage, and protect critical habitat to help wildlife adapt.

The chapter signed on to a resolution that states: “California and the world are already experiencing drastic impacts of global warming with 1 °C increase, which will worsen as global temperatures continue to rise, and virtually all of the Sierra Club priorities would be negatively impacted by global warming at 1.5 °C. Global warming beyond 1.5 °C risks irreversible impacts to human populations, biodiversity, habitat, and ecosystem health.”

MacDonald is calling on Sierra Club members to plug into climate action at the local level. Redwood Chapter will be taking that task seriously, he added, engaging its climate action committee and bringing in new members to build a coordinated effort to address the climate crisis.

In addition, Sierra Club California is asking cities and counties to get on board with clean energy alternatives, public transportation advancements and other programs to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. Local activists will help municipalities and agencies establish timetables to update climate plans and existing commitments. They will also, encourage these jurisdictions to implement and enforce effective new measures to achieve their goals.

MacDonald said he hopes people will be inspired by this epic challenge to step up and take action.

“As the chapter becomes more engaged and active with climate change, we are looking for people to bring new energy and commitment to help us achieve our goals, plan local actions and build coalitions. Your help is definitely wanted and much needed!” he said.

Please contact Randal MacDonald if you want to get involved and check out our climate action page for more information.